Alzania wanted to redesign one of its wines, 21 del 10, and at the same time bring to market a new white wine to complement it: La cardelina. We designed these two labels following the same style with manual illustrations, clean white background and a typography with character, resulting in a very special set, elegant and atemporal.



La cardelina refers to the common goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis. We decided to represent a pair of birds with an asymmetrical and balanced composition.


For the wine 21 del 10 we needed to represent an element that was feminine and delicate, since this date refers to the birth of the daughter of the owners of the winery. That’s why we chose the centaurea, a wild flower that usually grows near fields and vineyards, mixed with the harvests. 



Este sitio es único por lo que requiere un navegador más moderno para poder trabajar.