Anteadote Organic Tea




This brand was created starting with its naming. The company was going to launch three varieties of tea from China. These varieties were very rare and in ancient times were attributed healing properties. That’s why we played with the word An-tea-dote, which means antidote, at the same time that it includes the word tea in its formation.



Due to the exclusivity of the product, we decided that we had to tell the story of each type of tea in the different packages, since each one is unique, full of myths and realities and tremendously interesting and elaborated, as a result of the importance of tea in China. We wanted the packaging to be sober and delicate, so we decided that this part of history would go inside the box, in order that it would not be seen from the outside and you did not provide excess information at the first glance. That’s how we came up with a folding box, the shape of which is held by the lid. By removing the lid from the box, the inner part containing the product unfolds showing a large number of illustrations, a much wider range of colours and all the information relating to the product, in a very free style, in the form of a travelling notebook with quick notes of the locations and the most important facts. On the outside, dark tones were used to add distinction, and the essential information was placed in a minimalist way.

Tea is the key!

For the typographic aspects, a single font has been used, and its Italic variant, for the logo and the main information of the box, accompanied by a very fine and delicate manual that contrasts with it, resulting in a sober and elegant set. However, in the interior, a greater freedom has been chosen as regards the choice of typographies and several are combined depending on the parts of the text and the illustrations they accompany.


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