Costers del Priorat

Costers de Priorat


Redesign of the catalogue, brochures and wine data sheets for the winery Costers del Priorat. We have tried to maintain the sober and elegant style of the brand but restructuring and giving a more modern editorial design. The use of typographies with more personality and a different structure of the content make it much more interesting and dynamic.

For the catalogue, we have printed on different papers that provide a variety of textures to the catalogue, also playing with photographs as the main element. In addition, several dies were made making it even more interesting. The informative brochures have a vertical format that opens upwards, and both in these and in the fact sheets of the wines the central crease has been displaced, allowing part of the interiors pictures to be glimpsed on the main face.


Este sitio es único por lo que requiere un navegador más moderno para poder trabajar.