El Salto, escuela viva

El Salto, escuela viva



El Salto, Escuela Viva

When they asked us for a logotype for ‘El Salto, escuela viva’ our clients had the idea of some children playing and jumping in a natural environment. We hand made a colorful illustration with pencils and watercolors, using a circular shape to delimit the space. The imagotype was combined with a dynamic and fresh manual typography to continue with the allusion to the freedom that is transmitted in general with the logo.

The website of ‘El Salto’ is a complex web with variety of sections. It needed a subscription box, blog and also a diary that could be updated as new activities are carried out or scheduled. By using an organized superior menu and a homepage with a simple content structure we get a clear and accessible distribution of the information. 

Through a use of a very organized superior menu and a home with a simple content structure, a clear and accessible distribution of information has been achieved. To invigorate the appearance of the web we have used image galleries, combined with effects such as parallax, sliders and full-width images.




Este sitio es único por lo que requiere un navegador más moderno para poder trabajar.