Nineties Sport Socks

Nineties Sport Socks


Nineties Sport Socks

This new socks brand have a nineteenth-century aesthetic, like the classic white sports socks with two colour stripes. To reinforce the retro character of the brand we used a naming that makes a direct allusion to this factor: Nineties, using the anglicism without translation into Spanish.

We designed a range of different illustrations with that characteristic style that could remind us of the 7Up’s Fido Dido character of that time. We used bright colours and flat style illustrations of people practicing different sports, and used both for the packaging of socks that where they are sold and for the boxes. For the logo, we used a monospace typography, which reminds in some way of the fonts used in the first computers but updated, and accompanied by another type of calligraphic typography with some kind of retro look. In order to make contrast, the tagline is written on a sans serif typography and undulation effects were applied to it to get more dynamism and modernity.



Socks for all sports!

The final result is attractive for the young public targeted, who used to like that predominant aesthetic in their youth and that conveys them a certain kind of longing.


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