Merry Xmas!

Client: Santos Ochoa ✴ 2023

Client: Santos Ochoa ✴ 2023

We redesigned the gift wrapping paper for the Christmas campaigns of Santos Ochoa’s bookstore-papper stores

We started working on this project with a briefing that sought an aesthetic in which, despite being a Christmas paper, we should avoid representing elements that differentiate each country or culture (such as the Three Wise Men, etc.) in order to make it as inclusive as possible.

We opted for the traditional decoration of this season (balls, stars and ornaments) and also the typical vegetation of these dates that is often used as decoration: mistletoe, holly and pine. Having to combine the corporate maroon of the stationery with another range, the green tones provided by these elements soften the result, together with the cream and white to bring luminosity to the whole.

With the geometric drawing style we continue with the creation of solid illustration around the brand, which accompanies, represents and identifies it. We started with this style when we designed the bags with Don Quixote, and we had to continue with this aesthetic to give strength to the overall brand.

We also designed stickers with one of the paper motifs to complete the Christmas packaging.  💖

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