Tan bonita

Client: TAN BONITA ✴ 2023

Client: TAN BONITA ✴ 2023

Branding for tan bonita, a new space in mogarraz that wants to return to its roots.

One day, Deme came to see us with a sketch on a piece of paper. He told us that he was going to fulfil his dream of returning to his village, Mogarraz, one of the most emblematic in the Sierra de Francia area (Salamanca), and set up a small coffee and bread shop called Tan bonita.

In that sketch he had drawn some flowers, of the characteristics of the bordado serrano, as he wanted to make a nod to his homeland but without being too obvious.

Starting from this idea, we created an illustration that we would later use as the main element of the logo, together with a simple, elegant and timeless typography, with small borders, and a calm and welcoming colour palette.

Apart from stamps, stickers and embossing, we also designed some signage elements for the premises, following the same clean and simple style of the whole project.

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