Valle de Codés


packaging for valle de codés, the oil from hacienda ortigosa aimed at the hospitality sector.

Hacienda Ortigosa contacted us to renew the image of Valle de Codés, its oil for the on-trade. The packaging was to be the same, bottle and carafe, and the format of the label could not be changed either.

The previous design had a black background and a frame around the label made up of several photos of olive branches. We decided to give maximum prominence to the branch with a hyper-realistic illustration that we placed intertwined with the oil logo in the centre of the label and as large as possible. We replaced the black background by changing it to three colours depending on the type of oil and we took the yellow tone out of the main typography to take it to other information, thus avoiding losing the corporate colour completely but achieving a cleaner result with the white letters.

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